Before refund you must deposit $DEP.

Before Blurr.Eth could issue refund, he followed a simple principle: Deposit Token ($Dep). As an OG Whale with an impressive net worth of 9 figures, Blurr.Eth's reputation as a top whale on Twitter precedes him. Renowned for his legendary wash sale of the #9998 Punk, fetching an astounding 124k ETH, Blurr.Eth understands the importance of a solid foundation. With Deposit Token ($DeP), the process becomes seamless.

1/1 Tax 💰

1T Total Supply 🔢

How to buy

Create a wallet

Download your preferred wallet, either MetaMask or Trust wallet from the App stores, or from your chrome store on browser.

Get some ETH

You can purchase ETH on your wallet direct with your banking card, or you can buy on exchange and send to your wallet address

Buy $DEP

Go to uniswap from your mobile wallet broswer, or via google chrome on PC. Connect your wallet to the site and sign the wallet signature and swap eth for $DEP.

Live Chart